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KingDavis Art 

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Special Orders

Make your vision a reality with a custom gift!

Are you looking for a totally unique and unforgetable gift? We got you. With network of all the best masters from around the globe, you can choose the style that best represents your idea, and we will make it a reality! 

The process is pretty simple. First, you need some high quality photos of your subject in good lighting from different angles. A short video of them helps but is not 100% necessary.

  • Email photos/video with a description of your idea

  • We will send you a price quote

  • Pay the deposit

  • The artist gets to work!

We can ship with post anywhere in Europe. If you order a digital drawing, you do not have to wait for shipping. Our turn around time is 2 weeks. We can do it faster, but most artists have a rush fee.

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