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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a caricature?

A Caricature is a portrait with the volume turned up. A caricature is a lively and exaggerated depiction of a person or subject, often created by a skilled artist who accentuates distinctive features and characteristics for comedic or satirical effect. These whimsical portraits capture the essence of individuals in a humorous and captivating way, making them ideal for entertainment at events, gifts, or personalized marketing materials. Bring your personality to life with a custom caricature that will leave a lasting impression on friends, family, or potential clients.

Why would I hire a caricature artist for my trade show?

Caricature artists will keep guest at your trade booth for at least 5 minutes. Live art entertainers are masters at drawing a crowd to your booth, and keeping them there with humour and artistic skills.  

Caricature artists help you with the main goals at a trade show, which are to draw a crowd and stand-out so potential clients can hear about your product or service. Live artists create unique experiences for your booth, and special gifts for your potential clients to take home and remember you by. When we create digital caricatures, these can be printed on anything. Hiring a caricature artist is the perfect opportunity for you to build your email list. You can collect the email to send the caricature printed on your branded gift, and add clients to your list at the same time. We look forward to making you the star at the next trade show! 

What value would a live caricature entertainer bring to my event?

Hiring a live caricature artist for your event adds an engaging and unique entertainment element that leaves a lasting impression on your guests. Beyond mere amusement, it offers a personalized and interactive experience, fostering connections and providing a memorable takeaway for attendees. Professional caricature artists bring not only their artistic talent but also their ability to capture the essence and personality of individuals, making each drawing a cherished keepsake. This live entertainment option injects energy and excitement into your event, setting it apart from the ordinary and ensuring it's talked about long after it ends. Embrace the fun and uniqueness of caricature art today and add a touch of laughter to your next event! 

What areas do caricature artists serve in Europe?

Many of our caricature artists and live arts entertainers will travel for gigs. Artists tend to work within a region or a city with no extra fee. But, there are different factors involved with traveling outside of these areas, so the travel cost varies widely depending on the situation. The good news is that our team of artists serve most parts of continental Europe. We are here to make your event special. If you have an idea, and want to make your event unique and memorable, just let us know and we will do our best to make your special event a reality.

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